While young people are killed in a car accident, they experienced significant day seven and make changes in an attempt to influence the outcome; in the process, when changes better for the dignity, egocentric original character and benefits to understand yourself and try to make others. When it develops and provides composite life bullied depressed necessary to save girl, she comes to accept it.

On the front of the coffin Samantha Kingston a girl who has everything: fallingflatten stahilimpenzi, amazing best friends and beautiful appearance. February 12th is just another day in the life of Sam snatched up that turns out to be his last. Infected his last day for a week reviving inexplicable Sam reveals the mystery surrounding his death, and discovered the true value of all that is in danger of losing.

February 12 is a day in the life of Sam delighted until you see, was his last. Difficult reviving over its last TagWoche inexplicable mysterySam entwined around death all she found in danger of losing Akena. And if you had only one day to completely change everything? Samantha Kingston has it all: perfect friends, perfect man, and the future looks perfect. Then everything changes. After the incident, Sam wakes up one night around without future. Stuck on the same day reviving only ever begins to question his life as completely really was. And when it starts, derailed the secret to life entwirrenDas suddenly, he must also secret zawatuit relax and discover the power one day to make a difference not only in your life but the lives of those around them – before they go well out of time.

Before I Fall 2017

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