Elegant panda, golden monkey and elusive snow leopard savvy: bamboo forest in the middle of a cold grief, filmmaker Lu Chuan adventure of three animal families in China.

China Wilds, panda and her cub was born in China to grow into a young golden monkey moved fromHis younger sister, and the mother of the snow leopard and her two young intimate moment dragged into the fight. Said John Krasinsky (from “13 pm: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” NBC “The Office” “Amazon” Jack Ryan “), DisneynatureAng the new True Life Adventure film” Born in China, “China in the Woods,Where few dared take a long poetry journey. After the history of three families of animals, the film takes the viewer in extreme conditions on Earth, there have been some intimate moments ever captured in the nature of the film. Caring mother her growing baby pandaIt’s goose bumps, and he starts looking for freedom. The two-day long-nosed monkey urrezkosnub moved with his new younger sister to the matugunansa group free-tuned excluded. And, being an elusive snow leopard in an animal was rarely caught on a camera with two cubs raised very realFace in the most severe and most unforgiving conditions in the drama. Stunning, never to see images, movies from the cold mountains of China land in the scales of all navigation …

He was born in China elegant panda adventure of three animal families, urrezkotximinoa common sense and elusive snowyleopard. Features stunning images, red-crowned with a film of bamboo lupainang wide wings from the tap cold heart of the forest in the mountains, surprisingly close family moments, taped for the first time known to swim out.

Born in China 2016

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