Born in China, about the adventures of a family of three majestic animals panda, golden monkey, experienced and elusive Snow Leopard. It has beautiful images, the film travels a vast area of ​​mountains frigid heart of the bamboo forests on red-koronowanyDźwig wings demonstrate that a very close family moments capturedon film for the first time in history.

Venturing into the wilds of China, was born in China captures intimate moments with panda bear and raise her young zlatenmaymuna unlikely someone adchuvaedzieckosiostra displaced by the snow leopard and the mother trying to raise her two young. I told John Krasinski( “13 hours: Secrets forces from Benghazi” on the NBC “Office”, “Amazon’s” Dzhek Rayan “), the new film Disneynature True” was born in China, “the adventure of a lifetime takes epic journey in dziczyChiny, where few people dare. Following the stories of three families with pets, the film takes the viewer someekstremalnyhklimatychnyya of the conditions on Earth witnessed several poles of excellence intimate moments ever captured on film nature. Panda Bearmatka devotee carries her developing child, she began to study and seek independence. Two-year-old golden snub-nosed monkey, who feelsthemselves forced out of their new sister brings together a group of carefree outsiders. Mother and elusive snow leopard, rzadkozłapany camera animal real drama brings two young in one of the most ruthless skladanyhi environment on the planet. Offering stunning, everNOT vizhdalobrazi the film moves in the vast territory of China, with the cold mountains …

Born In China 2017

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