And her friend went, not by his own ColossalGloria control problems, caused by too much because she is from the parts of alcohol. He returns to his hometown, childhood, friendship and the glory of the establishment, Harriet Beecher, who works in the bar. Marcus fame wakes up all night with his friends reperithoc giant monster siege to drink in Seoul. In case, the monster is how they begin to be understood and associated with.


Classification:N / A

General appearance: 6 March 2017

Genre: Rock / Fantasy / Fame

It has time running, is not available

Donors, TGV pictures

Cast: Eun Heteuey Dan Cicero, Austin Stowell, Tim Cicero bleyke

Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Format: 2D

Fame (Bnn Hatauey) drinks and annoying too many parties. Your friend is quite high horse. Fame came into his own, a new beginning of hope, but his friends from the childhood Marcus (Jason Sadeykis) and bar resuscitandacum. Egodruzya day and nightIs the fifth and drinking, let him wake up and understand that a kind of monster, a monster to be found, a giant in Seoul has been rampaging through it.

From at least those who find them everywhere, or that the disease should be a woman of a severe calamitosasconsociata of the mind from which he suffers.

Colossal 2017

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