Blacksburg — Pulaski

VHSL May 5, 2022 - 7:00 pm
Blacksburg High School


Club1st Half2nd HalfScoreOutcome


Norin Bortz scored the game winning goal on an assist from Morgan Cheynet in the 1st minute of play.  Blacksburg would go on to win 11-0 on the evening as they celebrated 8 seniors on senior night. Additional goals were scored by:

  • Norin Bortz (1st, Assisted by Morgan Cheynet)
  • McKenzie Cheynet (4th, Assisted by Mila Santsaver-Jones
  • Morgan Cheynet (5th, Assisted by Ky Monaghan)
  • Kat Leedy (10th, Assisted by Ky Monaghan)
  • Ky Monaghan (11th, Assisted by Elayna Weatherspoon)
  • Ky Monaghan (21st, Assisted by Norin Bortz)
  • Kat Leedy (26th, Assisted by Morgan Cheynet)
  • Siri Bedsaul (51st, Assisted by Norin Bortz)
  • Erin Bishop (??nd, Unassisted)
  • Rebecca Webster (73rd, PK)
  • Mila Santsaver-Jones (78th, Assisted by Tea Bissell)

Blacksburg recorded 4 corner kicks on the evening and had 21 shots on goal.  Tea Bissell and Paige Miller combined to recorded the shutout for Blacksburg.


Date Time League Season
May 5, 2022 7:00 pm VHSL 2022


Blacksburg High School
3401 Bruin Ln, Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA


0Tea Bissell Goalkeeper
1Paige Miller Goalkeeper
4Elayna Weatherspoon Defender
5Morgan Cheynet Midfielder
6Siri Bedsaul Defender
11Mila Santsaver-Jones Midfielder
12Erin Bishop Forward
13Norin Bortz Midfielder
15Kylene Monaghan Midfielder
17Mckenzie Cheynet Midfielder
19Rebecca Webster Defender
22Kat Leedy Midfielder