Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) surprise of his life when a wealthy, 80-year-old woman gave him the car dealer’s youth. Forced from their homes are now living with their beloved sisterSara (Salma Hayek), and son shabby but charming, Hugo (Rafael Alejandro). Bother to return to the luxury of luxury, Maximo devises a plan to seduce rich wdownego (Raquel Welch) and Re: living the high life.

Revealed after 25 years of marriage,A man whose career bogatyStarsze seductive women need to move to his beloved sister, where start learning the value of the family.

Very nice and very young Maximo dream to rich without working hard all day in your life.Career seducing women older wealthy, married a rich woman more than twice the age. 25 years later, the alarm weird and annoying women by now 80 years old – no surprise when you zavrshipushtete car dealer youth.Forced from his place iZdesperowany residential housing, he moved to his beloved sister Sarah and shabby but charming son, Hugo, in a small apartment. Destroyed back luxury of luxury, Maximo spoil their grandchildren,Zmiażdżących classmates to his new goal – his grandmother, Celeste, billionaire widow. When great powers trying to continue his Latin lover, he veruvakoja connected to your siostrzeniąHugo and taught a Latin love means money is not as important as love twoichrodzina.

How to Be a Latin Lover

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