Mozilla Firefox Beta 9

Another day, another Firefox Beta. Although Mozilla has vexed new Mozilla Marketplace for web apps for the browser, it still has not begun. With the nineteenth version of Firefox Beta users can rely on improving performance and some of the changes made by the developer.

Firefox Beta adds a built-in PDF viewer so you do not have to rely on plug-ins. Another big updateIs that Firefox will offer the URL bar for the default search provider if this is the programthird party.

more kecilperbaikan including faster launch, so the browser should open up faster. Developers also get new features with the exception of free debugging, remote web console to connect to Firefox on Android, or Firefox.And debugger add-on for the browser.

Firefox Beta has not added many important features, but continue to develop browser.

In the stable version of Firefox, click here.


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Mozilla Firefoxis a free, open a web browser and a selection of offeringNumerous kustomisasifitur. Its performance is excellent and is designed to protect your privacy.

All the functions you need

Firefox includes several built-in features that can extend through vast extensions directory.

Providing customized tabbed browser, such as standardIn all browsers already for some time. It also has an integrated search engine and easily customizable.

On the home page, you can access search boxGoogle and the short list for accessing your downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, sync and settings. It has all the essential features and includes a spell checker, built-in PDF reader, geo navigation and more.

about this iFit security, it is a popup blocker, anti-phishing filter, and features that protect your privacy, Mozilla base. In addition to a normal private browsing mode, Firefox gives you the ability to block tracking sites and even track which sites are being tracked usingLightBeam.

Firefox offers a system that ensures that the sites you visit can dipercayadan also check that your connection is secure secureIs. UpdatesAutomatically security checked to always protected against the latest threats.

It also provides some basic features that spell checker, integrated PDF reader, navigation geolocation, read-out mode for reading seamless, integrated Pocket and many more.

highly customizable

OneThe biggest advantage of Firefox is the ability toadapting to each user, thanks to a wide range of customization allows you to set up your browser and adapt to the needs-including the ability to allow your favorite sites to send Push Notifications.

Many themes are available to personalize the Firefox interface and you can spruce up the most frequently used tools and features inMenu or personal toolbar.

Add-ons are a great way to customize your browser and increase functionality. Someadd-ons have become indispensable, such as Adblock PlusLub Video DownloadHelper, which has several million users.

In addition, Firefox, including Firefox Hello, chat room-like brief chat rooms, and based WebRTC (soyou does not require plug-ins). With Firefox Hello, you can also submit your site directly to your friends.

From version 35, Firefox allows you to access your Firefox extensions Marketplace from the toolbar.

One of the best browser available

There is a reason whyFirefox is one of the most popular web browsers. It is complete in terms of functionality, reliability and flexibility and offers everything you need to browse the web in the shortest time possible.

Mozilla Firefox Beta 9