My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a virtual pet game with Star Talking Tom Cat Talking Tom Cat and 2. You have to keep Tom happy for you feed him streichst him to drink it to the bathroom, put to sleep and play with it.

Interactive than ever

My Talking Tom maintains the same basic functionality as the Talking Tom Cat app, but takes things a bit more, allowing you to make more and more in the lead role of supervisor.

You can also get all the basic things that Talking Tom Cat and other Outfit7 Pet games talking, which is repeatedon Tom, he says, loudly and interact with it by touching it in different ways. But the format of my Talking Tom now feels more like the virtual pet game Pou. There are more felinofacer with his friend, how to play, for example, mini-games, customize their appearance to choose food and decorate the house of Tom for your choice.

Another great feature is the ability to create videos from Tom to share with the world.

First things newTalking Tom in my currency requires won the game as you go, or be bought. Thereis a leveling system where even a dospoden arise by spending time with your cat and ensure that their needs are met. If you go up, unlock new items and store items.

There are mini-games in My Talking Tom, how to earn coins that opportunity Whack a Mole, and meet the entertainment needs of Tom.

How to play My Talking Tom

exactamentecomo in Pou (Tamagotchi and for that matter) is thatyour pet in my Talking Tom certain “needs” that must be met. These are represented by round feet at the bottom of the screenthat slowly decrease and should be replaced by a special action. The principle is simple to understand and when you play the first My Talking Tom concepts are well proven you.

The four requirements metrosson: Entertainment (replenished by stroking Talking Tom or mini-games), Essen (replenished by falling food in your mouth), (replenished toilet by him)bladder (fatigue and reloaded for Tom to bed and unscrew the light). To perform one of these actions, you need only touch the corresponding symbol counter.

Howis it?

The graphics and overall presentation of My Talking Tom is not developed much since Talking Tom Cat 2. The cat looks are mostly still the same (although you can customize it more) and his high-pitched voice is the same. Furthermore, it appears that Tom is the only character who appears in the game (for example, there is no sign ofhis girlfriend, Angela, or your neighbor annoying, talking Ben the Dog,

An interesting feature of the My Talking Thomas possibility to visit the homes of other players andsee how they have their decorated. You can also look for treasure chests which could become more coins.

There is also a mini-game where you have to guess what Tom uses, which is fun, especially for younger players.


If you are a fan of Talking Tom Cat, or Well, my vontadeti enjoy Talking Tom,as it combines the best elements of both. However, some may process constantly paying attention to the cat a little boring and repetitive.

My Talking Tom