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Parent’s Info

Parent Video Volunteers: On the day that you are schedule to videotape, please arrive 15 minutes early so that we can show you how to operate the camera.  All camera equipment will be supplied and setup prior to your arrival.  All you will need to do is point the camera in the right direction during the game.

03/10/17 Sat                         6:45                Colgan                                                   A (Jamboree)
03/18/17 Sat            12:10, 1:30, 2:10     (Massaponax, WA, Albemarle)    A (Jamboree)
03/21/17 Tue                        6:45                Radford                        H       Phil Prosser
03/23/17 Thur                     6:45                Abingdon                     H       Carrie Halkidis
03/28/17 Tue                       6:45                Hidden Valley            H       Elias
03/31/17 Fri                         6:45                Cave Spring                 A       Kelly Linkenhoker 
04/04/17 Tue                       6:45                Patrick Henry            A       Kelly Shelton    
04/11/17 Tue                        6:45                Pulaski                          A       Lisa Williams 
04/13/17 Thur                     6:45                Carroll County           H       Lisa Williams 
04/21/17 Tue                       6:45                Christiansburg           H       Bill Gilmore

04/25/17 Tue                       6:45                Hidden Valley             A
04/27/17 Thur                     6:45                Patrick Henry             H
05/02/17 Tue                      6:45                 Cave Spring                 H       Reid Monaghan
05/05/17 Fri                        6:45                 Salem                            H       
05/09/17 Tue                       6:45                Pulaski                          H       Kelly Shelton
05/11/17 Fri                         6:45                Salem                            A         
05/16/17 Tue                        6:45                Carroll County           A       
05/18/16 Thur                     6:45                Christiansburg          A

Varsity Team Dinner Volunteers: The varsity team will arrive at your house after practice the day listed. The host family should plan to provide the main course (typically some sort of pasta or chicken).  Players will provide side dishes, deserts and drinks.

  • 03/20/17 Mon           6:45           Radford                                  Elias
  • 03/22/17 Wed           6:45           Abingdon                               Monaghan
  • 03/27/17 Mon           6:45           Hidden Valley                      Halkidis
  • 04/12/17 Wed           6:45           Carroll County                     Williams
  • 04/20/17 Thur          6:45          Christiansburg                    Shimozono
  • 04/26/17 Wed           6:45           Patrick Henry                      Linkenhoker
  • 05/01/17 Mon           6:45           Cave Spring                           Verbrugge
  • 05/04/17 Thur          6:45           Salem                                      Beyer
  • 05/08/17 Mon           6:45           Pulaski                                    Feng

Post Season homes: Please contact Coach Travis if you are interested in hosting a post season team dinner.

Varsity Parents: The Girl’s Varsity team will us a text message alert system (GroupMe) for changes to games, practices, etc.

Note– Updates will continue to be made on this site.

Away Game Travel Policy: In order to ride home with a parent, the player’s parent must sign the approved permission slip. Click here to download. Please talk to your coach regarding the latest transportation policy.

Fundraising: This year we will ask both JV and Varsity teams to participate in fundraising activities to raise money for player equipment orders and team equipment. Our first priority is to replace uniform and player equipment.