PES 2014 Patch

This is the latest official for PES 2014 Electronic Arts corrects all errors encountered when the game was released. If you have a PC game, it is important patches.

Bug Fixes

PES 2014 Patch brings changes and optimization, several game modes. In addition, improving przydatnościprowadzone multiplayer on-line, especially for the Master LeagueMreži.

PES play without problems

They formed two issues that affect all game modes. First, the issues related to the poor condition of the playerwhen to replace them, and the sensitivity of the resistance in the design of the screen is better.

Mode Wystawajest configured so that it will not receive an error message, and the way AsLegenda are now fully searchable mode for players.

Our results? Consider PES 2015

This amendment is important untukbermain PES 2014 without problems. This game has been replaced with PES 2015, what is the best game of ball nożnejKonami for several years. See our review here.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, he returned toundermine the FIFA throne utakmicunajbolje.

Since last year, the game has been improved, more fluid animation and physics have been updated. AI is excellent and the visual appearance of each team faithfully reproduces.

EvolutionSoccerPRO 2015 provides excellent details such as players look like their athletes on the basis of a deep, atmospheric stadium.

konkurencijaza all

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has several game modes: friendly matches, international competitions, multilineMaster League has become a legend, and nowymój club that FIFA Ultimate Team.

The game is licensed to the major leagues, such as the Champions League, the Europa League and European Super Cut. National leagues are included, but are not licensed.

upočetnici, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, including training regimen that teaches umiejętnościGry art that are necessary to succeed in the game. Many of these games are similar, although FIFA.

A new sense of the game

There is a big difference betweenPES control in 2015 and 2014, but the animation is updated to provide a better response.

animacijaIgrač is more reliable, but there are still times when niezdarnyZakres. Dribbling the ball looks much better and the speed of the players on the field is secure.

Ball physics are much better, replace the hard disk bowling-ball is considered that the game had before.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is more reasonable than vamprostor FIFA and allows time for a better strategy with the team.

ioucanstworzeniemanagement and use and develop tactics for the match. It can be used at certain times during the match, which gives the game a more dynamic flow of tactical.

AI is more reliable and predictable than the following, adapts to the way igrateda game more difficult.

One of the things that is most similar to PES 2015 can produce the style of play of the team. Barcelona is known possessive, RealMadrid speed advantage, but Bayern focused on power and unpredictability.This makes playing PES 2015 Feels real sword.

The stadium in the living room

PES2015 offers better graphics. fizyczniepoliczki known players and fine detail and impressive show.

The stadium atmosphere is great, the crowd noise is modeled realistically, and the intensity of sound public based on how perlavananakan go. Audience participation contributes a lot to the realism of the game.

Is FIFA dethroned?

PES2015 is a great futbolusymulator.

Konami huge step in improvinggame. The game is perfect, but because the smaller number of permits to operate by saying, not all animations have been improved.

These are small reservation on the game, if it is not much fun though.

I izmeđuFIFA and PES is lower and the Nikkei has gained a lot of Pro Evolution Soccer2015.

PES 2014 Patch