The boy serial (LFF) Leon 11 years, eager lives in New York and was hospitalized mysterious disease. But Leo is a special gift. Big invisible elephant can be divided while the body remains negligible. In a particular form inawezakwenda anywhere he wants. Meanwhile, a soldier named Alex is in the hospital after breaking his leg, and a lot of frustration for being right strikers as “what it saw” the face, etconsilia to control the city navirusi computer. Alex Riley, and they will join forces to save thethe city and not less than 24 hours to do the same.


Others, P13

Date of publication: May 4, 2017

Type: Paginae / Medium

Time: 1 hour 24 minutes

Dispenser, the organizer filamutamasha

Cast: Duarte BAER Jean-Pierre Marielle, Greece Tautu Carl Beroeyar

Felichioli closed vines and directed by John F. Gago

Format: P2

Phantom Boy LFF 2017

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