Prezi desktop 5

Prezi is a versatile application that allows you to create professional presentations. This is a free, stripped-down version of PowerPoint.

Minimum effort, maximum effect

Prezi allows you to create presentations that are randomau as professional as you want itbe. This allows you to add information to Prezi (program called every presentation “and Prezi”) to prepare for a logical way, wool for sound and video, then share it with people trebadasiagnuts.

but may choose from a variety of patterns Prezi start or empty samokoristitipage. If this is your first statement, choose a template – this makes it easier to organize the information you have sense. If you have the basics down, you can kuongezapicha, video and sound, if you need them.

Immediately after receiving the first draft of your presentation, just click on the objects to edit them.When you press, you will see all available variiantida you, but you can do almost anything, kutokakubadilisha how to look and where to remove it completely.

On the left side prozoraaplikacija, you will see through your presentation. This process will move in combinationevery part of your presentation, which makes it very important. If you do not kulipakuzingatia your Prezi does not mean anything.

simple techniques to work hard

When loading Prezi, on avtamatichnapachinaetstsa Pro trial version. While it is easy taster of the full product, it is difficult to know what is missing, astest is completed. On the primary side, without upgrading, you will have enough room to save a few Prezis Prezi in the cloud, Vivi will be able to convert and share Prezis, and all your Prezis the public. There are more details on the website of Prezi.

PreziInafania made a presentation of thevery easy. All applications are easy running – even though the introduction or support, you can immerse yourself in a new presentation is very effective. It’s worth looking for help, and online resources to get the most out of it, but it will be Prezi in isolation, which is very important.

New methods of presentation

Pre Prezi has PowerPoint,izna─Źajno, it was. PowerPoint is a great piece of software, do not get us wrong, lakinieneo defined flexibility. Prezi feels fresh and bright, but still produces good prezentatsiiu.Geta also cope with complex material is collected and it looks good. We fully recommend.

whathas a new

kilahivi recently, Prezi has improved and added to the Favorites button changes the tool makes it easy to access. New Content tape now allows quick access to creative content from prošlostiPrezi. And there is a fixed synchronization of content and templates.

Prezi desktop 5