Siam SkuareDuring day, Siam Square is a popular area is full of students, but at night, it turns into a terrible land. Young students feel that they should respect the national maliciously passed the entrance exam. Chances examinations reportedly increased by povezivanjecrvena kiti.Wakati thread on a group of students who doesn ‘t believe superstition sees the chair and tries to worship, one of them chased and dead ends. Meanwhile, chutkikazhe evil spirit of a girl who disappeared decadesponovoluta three streets at night.

Language: Thai

Other, N.

General Data June 8, 2017

Type: Horror

Time: 1 hour 52 minutes

Distributor RAM Entertainment

Starring: Purim Rattanaruangvattana, Nutthasit Kotimanusvanich, Thanabordee Jaiien, bit rate Sornarin, Eisaia Hosuvan, Thaniavee Chunhasavasdikul, Atikhun Adulpocatorn, Morakot Liu

Director: PairachKhumvan

pattern: P2

Siam Square 2017

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