Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite III is a third-person shooter where you play as a sniper in World War II. Missions take place in North Africa, they are able to perform many German soldiers in a game that is fun, but not very different.

The war of good taste is announced

Sniper Elite III is an actiongame that focuses on shooting and infiltracji.Od other episodes rarely acclaimed for its quality, ocreador decided to re-engage in the fight against new dizaynversiya. The main difference is that the previous levels are expanded and now less tense is.

In general, they will be equipped with variousforms of finishing missions, adding an important element of flexibility. However, do not expect a miracle: Sniper Elite III is still very limited, also poziomamimniejsza secondary games and invisible walls that break down attempts.

Regarding the direction of the country, I must admit that the developersAccuracy not racked their brains. There are several scenes scattered among the mission, however, they are generally dull and poorly executed. Everything looks minimalist Sniper Elite, and the special effects do different things. Every time you shoot the enemy trajectory of rockets slowly Andare treatsan explosion of blood and guts of impact.

Simulation tireou shooter Pombo?

Sniper Elite III, do not expect a challenging simulation! However as ballistics thought (koetoTryabva to calculate the shot distance and wind speed to achieve the objective), the game is too shortto be credible. The possibility of shooting cans or zbiorniknapędzać vehicle to create explosions style of Michael Bay is certainly fun, but breaks no longer postpone realism.

When it comes to appearance infiltracióndestínase to change the dynamics of the mission, it’s justhard nonsense AI. While the system was initially well thought out (which requires to take into account the perception of security nazvuka and ambient noise), enemies are too lethargic byćzagrożone.

They are very easy to avoid, and you’ll soon find out how to get rid of the guardsso it can pass through the levels without interest. It’s a shame, because although detailed options paraaxustando level of difficulty and realism, the overall level of difficulty of the game is very low

Media technical

Sniper Elite IIInie is ugly, but the physical aspect is not too much napred.Teksturiand the effects are decent, but unfortunately we can not say the same for bad animation. The characters are animated with hardness typical foundation cluttered, and their movements are painful to watch. This is one aspect queque improved view corresponding animations are important in order to simulatethe feeling of shooting.

A fun game that shows its limits

jeślijesteś avid fan of fighting after shooting Sniper Elite III is the game for you! If, however, is not too picky when it dumarealizam, arcade game is still very similar in many ways. Given animationspoor and weak AI, Sniper Elite III is a game that has moitomoitos defects to be really attractive in the long run. However, it is fun for fans of the genre already completed the remaining episodes.

Sniper Elite 3