A social experience in the linen, the office of the chief of the prison, into the body of 80 Americans in Bogot, Colombia sorted by an unknown reason and the voice of the intercom, and a bearer of death in the county and the decision to participate in the game to kill or be killed.

In the ordinary day, and the terror of the office, I ask to health workers, with 80 (John Gallagher Jr., John Goldwyn, Arjona the Adriatic Sea) in Belko Corporation in Bogot, Colombia, that they may learn from the deadly man into a beast. And I believe in the collapse of the building, and the staff to deter the two voted interkomvertelit is necessary, and that cover with a covering, but that does not follow within the 30 minutes.Cum the other he would have given most of his friends, to enemies, to receive at the end of stay.

The Belko Experiment 2016

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