San woman called a job in a strong technology company called to land only malicious program, his friends, family life and the chance to be the impact of mankind. If may be the largest and strongest in the world of technology and social media committed to the company, he sees it as an opportunity of his life. As he goes through the ranks, in the private, a revolutionary experiment that pushes the boundaries of ethics and finally founder Eamon Bailey,AnimaturikBere personal freedom rent. His participation in the experiment, and any decision you make, howand the life of his friends, family and the future impact on mankind.

Mae Netherlands (Emma Watson) catches the chance of her life when the most powerful companies in the world of technology and social media land a job. Inspired by the company founder (Tom Hanks), a pioneer experimentMae privacy, the personal freedom that limits the boundariesThe ethics and linkova.Njegovo participating in the experiment, will soon be a decision to influence the lives of his friends, family and the future of mankind.

The world’s largest technology in the world and rising through the ranks of social media compani, circle, May your life with absolute transparency, encouraged by the company founder Eamon Bailee. But no one is really sure anyone.

The Circle 2017

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