Ancient Princess woke up from her crypt beneath the desert, made with malice it grows over the millennia and humanitarian challenge. Although he was buried in the crypt of safe deep beneath implacable pustinjiKao ancient princess, destination unjustly taken from her, he woke up at this point our malignanther grow over the millennia, and serious challenges humanity.

tom CruiseUkupno impressive, all the film versions of the legend that has fascinated cultures around the world since the dawn of civilization: TheMummy. Securitate thought trapped in the tomb deep below the desert implacable, Ancient Princess (SofiaBoutellaKingsman: Secret Service and Star Trek addition) destination has taken unfair to wake up at this time can not maliciously her grow over the millennia and serious challenges čovečanstvo.Od man sweeping the Middle East through the mazes hidden under the modern London, momintense surprised and state wonderful and exciting time of new mašteuvodi in the new world of God and the mon sters.

Before theMummi2,000 years in Egypt, Princess Ahman buried alive in a grave in the desert, as a punishment for the murder of his father. The ancient princess is awakened in the current era when jenjen tomb was discovered.Holding a grudge because of the ominous growth of the millennium when the resurrection began spreading evil in this world to challenge mankind.

Language: English

Classification: N.

General Data: 08 Jul 2017

Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Running time: None

Distributor: United InternationalPictures

Cast: Tom Cruise,Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Russell Crowe

Director: Alek Kurtzman

Format: 2D

The Mummy 2017

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