known American journalist in Paris – During the final days of the Ottoman Empire “promise” to the triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, Ana beautiful, sophisticated and Chris were.

Shortly after sending the patient to the hospital with the police lack the staff felt strange and violent events that appear to be associated with a group of mysterious hooded figure. When the policeman Carter (Aaron Pul) detects impregnated with human blood, limping on the wayabandoned, metbarebones onBrosaet to a local hospital, the night staff. The building, located on the edge, around the building, patients and staff begin within bezumstvovat terrible. Try to protect the victim, Carter takes them to the depths of the hospital, where they found the gate to the crime.

A brilliant medical student Michael (Oskar ayzek) meets a beautiful dance instructor Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) at the end of 1914.jumlah heritage attractionsArmenia caused them to explode in between Michael and Ana romanticheskomSopernichestvo other (Christian Bale), an American photographer who devotes herself to uncover the truth. Since the Ottoman Empire was destroyed in the chaos of war, have suspended their conflicting passions, as they join forces to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

The Promise 2016

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