The first person born on Mars to travel the earth for the first time to experience the wonders of our world through fresh eyes. He underwent an adventure with a nice girl street to figure out how it came to be. In this interplanetary adventure, space ship embarks on his very first mission to pop Mars, only after the start to discover that one of the astronauts was pregnant. Shortly after landing, he died in the birth of complications the first man red planetBorn – Never reveal siapaayah. So began a remarkable life Eliot Gardner – A very smart guy wants to know who reach age 16 years of age only 14 people have fulfilled in the training is very unusual. While looking for clues to her father and her hometown never knowing, Gardner began a friendship with a street wise girl in Colorado called Tulsa. When I finally got a chance to go on the earth, he wanted to do magic dozhiveesite he can only be around on theMars to read – from the simplest untukyang amazing. But that his research began, the scientists found out that Gardner’s body can not stand in the atmosphere of the earth. Gardner Eager found his father, escaped

In this interplanetary adventure, shortly after the Mars colonize help arrive, astronauts died at the birth of the first man on the red planet.So began a remarkable life of Eliot Gardner – child mnoguinteligentni who reach ageWant to know 16 only 14 people in training who are not lazim.Sambil indications about his father and he is on the home planet never know Gardner, started friendship with a girl named Tulsa intelligent way. When I finally get a chance to go to Earth, Gardner lacks all the magic he can only experience on Mars. But that his research began, the scientists found out that the body did not have to Gardnersmozhat the Earth’s atmospherewithstand. Gardner joined the Tulsa race against the time to reveal the secret of how it came to be, and where it is located in the universe.

The Space Between Us 2017

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