Whatsapp 0.2

Usually, in the jargon used only for mobile devices WhatsApp title app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), and brand, and Mac new computer version of the app, you can use the desktop eventually! All you have to do is just install WhatsAppProgram so you can chat with friends online or from your Windows and Mac PC. It seems that it could be better, however, they are so far from perfection.

The network is no longer the population of WhatsApp applications

The suntnondumIWhatsApp Web does not yet understand, therefore, is perfect – none You can use it in any version of the Internet browser. Whatsapp for PC and on the same things, but not necessarily go and ratio.

All of these newer versions (slightly larger screens) allow you to chat and send creation and management Photosdocumenta brand nagrupiTo change your profile image, etc.

It seems rather that there are many restrictions on everything in the Appendix. Not allow partner locations orThe fact you choose will allow you to ask for new ways.

Thus, although WhatsApp is little for PCs and represents life options that are not the easier way and, again, that is, we will replace your ancestors mobile device, right.

All that, but

Zazapochnete version of PC application usage, you must first your mobile device code scan QR, equipped with WhatsApp Web. If you have any questions related to this topic, click here to finishrecipe.

After scanning the code, so they are not listed on the new WhatsApp and related phones on your computer and you can start chatting?

On desktopTelevision options are pulchredisposita (Android WhatsApp like). If your webcam and / or microphone, you have the ability to send photos / video / audio clips.

Another thing is to use the PC version of the faster internet connection tends to them and then passes the data connection faster.

Vsichkivavsegalanya, WhatsApp PC forPut an end to how it works; But it depends entirely on your phone. PCs can talk directly to mobile devices that take time. This in mind limitation is the rival as Telegram line and back, each of which has their own independent desktop version.

And is it worth waiting for?

WhatsApp users ask about the desktop version for age, finally, no need Apart from the fact that there is no 100% waiting for you. If the version is almost allFeatures that work very well and offer the same version for mobile devices, this is one of the most boring can not work independently. I just hope that we, and Facebook, which are not obtained by the visible application and behind it, in 2014, we look nice and beautiful in the next update.

Whatsapp 0.2