360 Total Security

360 Total Security is one of the most free and fully effective antivirus programs available, and you will be protected from most threats that you may encounter.

Protection Virus and much more

Anti-Virus uses five antivirus engines, including 360 Cloud Engine, CVMII, AviraAnd BitDefender. Check the computer for threats quickly, and we were impressed by its attention to the example of fanylion.Er, should be removed as perceived threat, and restart the computer, 360 Total SecuritySal say.

The Avira and BitDefender engines are disabled by default. This is good, because it increasesThe use of RAM, but you have, if you want to be very secure as an option. 360 Total Security also includes an additional extension for the browser, which you would advise if any page you visit is potentially dangerous. It seems our surplusBodbwyd, since most browsers today warn you when a site is safe or dangerous.

Use with caution

Features Accelerate and Clean Up a mixed blessing. Both work, but it’s not as simple as it can be. You can find deleted files can notBe cleaned out, because it is used, which is annoying.

CyflymderYn fact, more RAM to give more control over the games and resource hungry programs that you have. But we had problems. We had Google Chrome Speed ​​Up after the reset is done,As it is modified without prior notice, which did not work Chrome not noemLanger.

Easy to use and unobtrusive not

360 Total Security is very easy to use, with a clirhawdd interface for use. This explains what each feature is, and easy to customize. If youLooking for an antivirus solution that is not intrusive, and you can continue with what you do in 360 Total Security is a good option.

360 Total Security