Our Competitive Cauldron is a player development tool designed to help make each player better.  We don’t use players’ rankings to determine starting positions or playing time. The rankings are for the players’ information. Those that are ambitious will want to climb and those that are content to be mediocre will also be content to remain in the middle to bottom of the rankings.

Borrowed from UNC’s Head Coach Anson Dorrance, our adaptation of this program provides a cumulative look at a player’s performance in the competitive cauldron. It is a compilation of all of the results of the drills from the off-season. In it each drill has an X factor which signifies it’s value to the success of the player (and team) as determined by the coach. Each player’s rank in each drill is multiplied by the X factor to get a point value. All of the point values are then added up and the players are ranked overall on their total number of points (less points are better).

The categories for scoring include:

  • Agility Runs
  • Yo-Yo IR1 Test
  • Small Sided Games
  • Headers Challenge
  • PKs Challenge
  • Finishing Challenge
  • Attendance
  • And much more…

In 2021 Morgan Cheynet won our first ever “Off-Season Competitive Cauldron”.  In addition to Morgan’s outstanding achievement we provided the following additional Competitive Cauldron awards:

Morgan Cheynet – Overall Champion and Top Scorer in Small Sided Games

McKenzie Cheynet – Overall Points Runner Up and Highest Level in the Yo-Yo Test

Kylene Monaghan – Overall Points Third Place

Ellie Gresh – Fastest Time in the Agility Run

Riley Verniel  – Most Committed

Congratulations to all our 2021 winners!