CyberLink PowerDVD 16

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra allows you to fully equipped with DVD and Blu-Ray on your favorite DVD movies and video files on your computer you will be able to enjoy.

Easy to use with a mouse or keyboard

CyberLink PowerDVD is usually very errazaerabili. Most of the program functions can be executed with the mouse or keyboard corresponding key combination, and there is also a comprehensive context menu that you have access to even the right to give any myastoizobrazhenieto.

in soinuaCyberLinkPowerDVD can be configuredin different ways, your hardware (from headphones to a full stereo surround system) to get the best possible sound quality by. TrueTheater Noise Reduction also ensure the most clear sound.

mightilyDVD playback solution

interesenFunktsii powerful but simple enough to use the video player, CyberLink PowerDVD is the perfect solution for all your needs on DVD.

CyberLink PowerDirector is a full set of video editing, this cause-looking dezakezulanbidevideo media, video, images, transition effects, klipark, textlayers, each with its own background soundtrack mixing all kinds of background.

Powerful, yet easy to use paketeeditatu

CyberLink PowerDirector claims to be the fastest video editor, and this is a bold claim, however, that nyamaOprosten, streamlined workflow edition, which is surprisingly easy extraction of high-quality video. A lot of hard work from daudetemplatesand from much of the rest is simply a case of downloading and uploading images as you want, you can choose from. In 3D designer threads, which allowsyou to create 3D video information is also included, a few nahizApur they look cheap.

Additionally, CyberLink PowerDirector includes all the tools necessary to be creative in your videos to help the first step (capturing video from several different sources) with the last touch of the DVD gehitzekomenu create custom styles.

When you’re ready,CyberLink PowerDirector lets you save videos in various formats on your hard drive, posted to YouTube, Facebook, or share the video camera.

Updated and enhanced 3D featuresthat PowerDirector gutxiCyberLink ordinary share your creations with other users of Cyberlink Cyberlink’s new 3D editing tools in a variety of 3D to the designer brings new ways. If you have more effect you want, you can download bertatikDirectorZone.

drag andThe release of the video timeline interface

CyberLink PowerDirector interface, four sections (Capture, edit, and produce the disc), are all divided into very understandable. The standard design of the video editor to edit the timeline kadriRazdelen dagordinak.

CyberLinkPowerDirector video editing editor includes all the necessary tools, a library window and drop your media timeline arakatzekoarrastatu collection items and preview what the window looks like your creationwhen you put all the elements together to see.

subjects creative consultant to help create a system erabilikohorri your subject and you can track it, even though the results may seem relatively cheap.

Rugged multimedia presentation package

CyberLink PowerDirector you can easily create videos, photos and musicto multimedia presentations. ofZure regardless of presentation, Cyberlink PowerDirector is an excellent choice.

CyberLink PowerDVD 16