Fathom Events, Experience and National Theater Live, a true Peter Pan, the well-known London stage production of RM Barris, so beloved fairy tale invented by the company. Peter Pan is captivated alive in the National Theater and will be broadcast to theaters across the chosen for a special nakaso one day until Sunday, 11 When Peter Pan, the leader of the Lost Boys, loses his shadow June country, stubborn Wendy Help him not hold. In this regard is suggested Neverland, where the fairy TinkerBell, Tayger Lili and PomslivayKapitan Crook wait. Fun for children and adults, Salli Kukson) dumidirektakamangha wonderfully innovative production, co-production with Bristol Old Vic Theater.

Bernard Shaw’s classic game about the life and trials of a country girl who announces a bloody mission for the management of the English of France. As one of the first and Protestant nationalistsito the whole structure of feudal threat society and the Roman Catholic Church in Europe.

Incredible Billi Payper ReturnsTimes after his award-winning roli.Maladaya woman goes to her incredible desperation to have a child with Simon Stone radical production Lorcas hurt makapangyarihangobra mistress. A phenomenon should not be missed in the theater Young Vic sales and critics call it an unusual theater success and beautiful, burn, # 39; Billie Piper’s performance lead is described as fantastic, incredible and devastating # 39; Lay a modern London, Pipers image of a woman into kanyangthirties desperate pregnant building elementnymsila,Stunning, shocking climax. Please note that the translation is not an interval.

Nt Live: Peter Pan 2017

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