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Prezi Pro – Full, Prezi is a comprehensive and practical software solution whose main goal is to help consumers make stunning presentations effortlessly. The application allows you to store your customized presentations both locally and in your online account, and set the remote access them whenever you want. Before using the application, you must choose the most ydychfel template, add images, shapes, symbols, and especially YouTube videos einDateien, so you can customize the theme, as you prefer. differentbetween Prezi and other applications will help create interesting displays is that you can export your work in PDF format or as a portable app and run the presentation without the need of Prezi installed.

With Prezi you have a chance to interrupt animations added, altering the arrangement between the film and change the subject, if you want.

You can also create Prezis safe on your computer, USB drive and memory or a local network, so you can kushirikiurahisi to your friends and colleagues.

Prezi allows you to design ideas,strategies and concepts to communicate in a very deliberate and powerful, because it adds movement and flexibility in the art of presentation.

In addition, because eiCymhlethdod and features that come Prezi can also be used in schools and in companies. Teachers are given the task of communicating complex ideas in a short time, but here Prezi in practice. You have to make a connection MöglichkeitUmkati various subjects, without losing the main idea and focus on your students.

With the help of Prezi presentations may be asinteresting as your organization and allows you to submit ideas newyddi in intuitive and interactive environment.


Easily Cloud: Save, share, collaborate and present everywhere and access to cloud security.

Embedded Video: Add impact storytelling combine in a link to your YouTube video and Prazi easy.

Chart: Create a clear picture of yakodata interesting with charts, graphs and charts.

Now offline: our desktop software for Mac and Windows GallMaent presenting and editing evenif theres no network.

image processing: Make your pictures even more interesting and processing on the image.

Premium Support: If you have questions, you will help our professional customer service.

Privacy Policy: Our programs provide multiple options premium privacy.

Training and Webinars: Ziaratips basic training and techniques our advanced virtual WebinarSessions.

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Prezi Pro v6