RecBoot 1.3

Do you have problems with your iPhone? Do not worry, in most cases, there is a solution: a recovery mode or regulations. Although you can only access it by pressing a combination of keys, but RecBoot it easy and simple click.

One very useful firmware

rejimPemulihan is the solution to many problems IOS, then access it can help to adjust prystriyyakscho firmware update comes with mistakes “kill” your iPhone.

Generally, you shouldpressing a combination of buttons on your iPhone to make a recovery. sometimes, nor possible, especially if the home button on the iPhone is damaged. Because RecBoot, you can enter the recovery mode without pressing any buttons.

RecBoot active recovery mode with three krokivprosto: Connect iPhone to your computer via a USB-cable, filtering software to run, then press to enter recovery mode. If you do not have máisusar Thus, just click on Remove and restore your iPhone backto a normal state.

Use it only in certain situations

Direkauntuk recovery mode users who want to do operatsiyina your iPhone. If you are not sure that this is so, we suggest you do not use it, activate it by typing in the heart of the operating system of your iPhone.

You should also know that, at present, only works with RecBootkomputer that have 32-bit operating system. If you have a 64, this program will not work. hopefullyThis will be fixed in future updates of the app.

except tohotse requirements, require RecBoot version of Itunes, or more, and the .NET Framework.

Rescue for iPhone

RecBoot can restore the iPhone selepaskerana he crashed through a firmware update failed and can extract data from quepenso phone was missing. This is very useful if you’re familiar with IOS recovery mode.

RecBoot 1.3