The margin Verfondern Martin, two Dutch, and Spanish Santoalla remote village to a new life begins. There is a disagreement with the Spanish residents in the disappearance of Martin. The margin Verfondern pool Progressive Martin, two Dutch, there is only one dream – to live in a land far from the city paghihigpitat hotspot. The tradition of the front of the only foreigners, the Spaniards are unable to civitatiszapalvayuchydesyatsigadovay When the family for a long time Santoalla the conflict of the village, which culminates in the mystery of the disappearance, Martin. The first thing is forgottenWorld War pushsa the center of the controversy is given, the responses of Magnolia ‘a person finds himself into a search, not only, but also for the strength, that they may remain.

Santoalla 2016

  1. Santoalla 2016 Online Movie

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