SQLyog 7.11

MySQL open-source engine is probably one of the most popular in the world, but it can be difficult to administer and use the text-based configuration file. SQLyog provides a graphical interface to take full advantage of the powerful features of MySQL easy even for beginners.

Design administer edit and query MySQL Databases

intuitive graphical user interface makes SQLyogmanagement all aspects of your MySQL database easily. simple operation can dicapaimenggunakan manytools and features made while Diemeer complex tasks can be built using a graphical editor helpfully generate a query in SQL syntax to execute properly and learn from. SQLyog can handle databases of different sizes and can be used to facilitate remote access and secure an SSH tunnel HTTP. Data transfer of an ODBC databaseexternal obedient also easy to use tools in building entry.

MySQL open Power for All

adaTidak doubt that MySQL engineis very powerful and flexible, but management functions via standard text interface intimiderendvir beginners and a bit clunky for users, even experienced. SQLyog remove this barrier by even the most functions availablethrough to make a friendly interface and accessible. One of the biggest stumbling block is the complex pricing structure offers imposed a number of different editions of the powers and functions of the license per user.


bug fixes

SQLyog 7.11