Stronghold Crusader II

Stronghold Crusader II is a continuation of the great strategy game Stronghold Crusader added the 2002 element tactical mechanics very attractive for Age Of Empires type, in that one must develop his own castle. Put yourself on the front line of war, manage the economy, and finish yours.Opponents with photos of your catapult!

Strategy games and a diverse game

Crusaders uporishteII restore the foundations of their predecessor, offering a combination of strategy and tactics that will fascinate the newcomers. Play in different modes (campaigns, Shootout,Multiplayer) you take missions that are assigned to you or to protect your king, trying to defeat the enemy is always sovereign. The multiplayer mode does all the little things to keep you entertained, not just through an excellent online collaboration tool,Which allows you to connect another to control the army.

The namilwrolnatur fortress of the Crusaders does very well: it offers a challenging fight, thanks to the many units that give the depth of the traditional system in real-time strategy games (where archers and lancersFace simultaneously with the cavalry). The tactical aspect is only construction, as exciting opportunities are available. You have a lot of freedom to build and expand your land, and aesthetically inclined can be lost in providing all the details of ynanrhydeddZamokotkralot.

An interface that can be improved in several ways

The second installment of Stronghold Crusader stood out due to its playability and content, but, unfortunately, its interface does. From the very beginning, this leaves unpleasant their players by distracting themselves by a small dirty menu oppositeSkillfully rendered graphics in the title. Even worse, the interface menu for game-management using gluvchetokako wediCrëwyd is fast and on the fly, not included in the mechanisms that make up the basis of modern strategic games.

Teams can give your units limited and does not includeIn itself any text bubbles explains how to use the available options. It is not possible to issue orders in a series, and it’s not easy to choose one. It’s terrible for a game that debuted in 2014, four years later poStarcraft II sets the standards for strategyThe game fodernbyw with respect to the interface.

In its technical aspects, the second installment of Stronghold Crusader is to make a class. While the engine is smaller than the impressive graphics, the game pleases the eye because of the thoroughness in detail. The animation units are really well done, and the screen is filled with smallElements that give life and a sense of realism to the game. Resursise appear and disappear in real time with stores, a’rbrwydrau is impressive to watch. The only thing that is missing is animation for building buildings, a detail that does not reduce the satisfaction that comes withWith the game Stronghold Crusader II.

Updates in real-time strategy in the medieval

If you like the game of the previous fortress, make no mistake: you can jump poglavjetonovi without worrying. The content and playability of the hands down the best, and you can enjoy the multi player is great, ogystalfel longThe campaign is designed well. This does not mean that the game is without flaws, especially its patient interface, offering even a quarter of what you would expect from a modern strategic game in real time. It’s sad, but the fact that some people can not keep it, but it’s not so difficultDestroy the satisfaction that comes with building your own castle during an attack by an enemy fortified line.

Stronghold Crusader II