Fathom Events present experience Ted Cinema Experience: TED2017 Opening the event, broadcast to select movie theaters across the country on Monday, April 24 Take basically space TED2017 Opening Night – a decline in the TED conference a week. Experience revelation TED Talks and presentations kwambakudhihirisha for the first time on stage TED Vancouver, BC. Speakers Anab Jain, Laura Galante, Titus kaphar, Garri Kasparov, Tim Ferriss, OK Go and Rabbi Lord Jonathan sacks.

Assume Events and iskustvompredstavitiTedCinema Experience: TED2017 Prize event of one to choose a nemanchini the world on Tuesday, April 25. Watch Serena Williams, surprise guests and speakers greater, including Atul Gavand, Anna Rosling Rnnlund and Boogz + Lil Buck, on step in TED2017. See Health Warrior Raj Punjabi wins $ 1 million TED Prize money their desires.

fathomMatukio and experience bring Ted Cinema Experience: TED2017 Highlights Exclusive select movie theaters across the country on Sunday, April 30 DiscovernajviŇ°einspirativan insightfulTed Talks TED2017. This unique show, designed for cinema audiences include sudden borawakati line and structure, including names such as Elon Musk, Dan Ariel, Cinthia Meriva, and more.

Ted Cinema Experience: Opening Even 2017

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