The Sims 4

The Sims returned to the room intsallment, once given the opportunity to create their dream house and observe the development of virtual avatars. After several years of waiting for the continuation of work on The Sims 3, is the last part of the management of the revival of interest in the series?

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Sims4 does not attempt to revolutionize the concept of the series. However, we still expect to see several new features compared to other games vserii.Šokantno, it is clear that with this new version of Electronic Arts has done the opposite I expected: instead of adding new content editors decided to beautifygame by removing a number of features.

No pool, no kids, you can not see your work order, the list is very long, and the conclusion is clear: Electronic Arts has apparently not given enough space to add future DLC with characteristics that are udaleniIz game. I think this is a bad approach,jerigra “completely” sold at full price.

However, this game offers endless criticasnovas actions that your Sims can do in the city or at home. A variety of objects that you can already buy a large and unique, as well as numerous excursions that can continue. It is a pity, however, is now onhome screen whenever they Simsmovida between the parties and the environment, while The Sims3 offered an open world where the action is constant. The good news is that there is a new portalzajednica, which allows you to share your creations on the Internet (characters and models).

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A tableIn terms of gaming and availability, Sims 4 is significantly improved over its predecessor. Despite the presence of bulky books, which may irritate those who are already familiar with this series, was pererabotanoDliamellor control of the game.

New developer excellent character: You can easily make from theirdreams, just by dragging the mouse over the function you want to change. When it comes to creating or adapting your home, things are now clear organizadosde, according to the different rooms of the house.

As The Sims boasts, he has also been the subject of much attention. With a much needed system processesboleeAvtonomni now their characters and smart, take care of themselves, performing automaticamentetarefas to meet their needs. This allows you to focus on the main points and develop their talents through brojneakcione Sims games.

Note, however, that the control of the camera is inconvenientand impractical. imposiblepara movement in three dimensions, and it is a big disappointment for the game, which has benefited from the experience of the previous three episodes.

This is not surprising, but very well optimized

Year after The Sims 3, many expected a graphics update for this new release. Unfortunately,Sims difference between the 3 and 4 Sims obviously not as obvious as it should. Despite toganeke nice graphical effects that look attractive graphics, this new version is already dating from the time of his lanzamento.Isto is very bad, although this disadvantage has an advantage in this game is compatiblewith less moschnimikompiuteri.

Do not interfere with the technical aspect of this new Ies level facial details clearly improved. Home improvement is a huge number of animations available, and can now go through a wide range of emotions. So you can try mnogosmešnih situation, which help a greatway to introduce Sims life in general.

ideas complete with a little more DLC

Osimo 4 – is nepobedimiiuspeh. Investor seems to work at the interface; Sims creator of characters and how to build is a gem of simplicity and have great potential. With the much needed reform and greater automationtheir Sims now posuimosliberdade for better gaming experience.

Unfortunately, the game is infected with disabilities, and the latest easy to lose, especially for longtime fans of the series. In addition to the undoubted technical reasons, the game was lishenaBolshoe content quantity comparacioncon Sims 3, whichindicates many paid download content in the near future. This is a bad move, Electronic Arts, you may want to reconsider its policy in the coming years if they want to avoid the alienation of many of his fans.

The Sims 4